About G.O.D.S.

GODS was formed way back in the year 1998 by Dr.Arun Theraja when there were negligible superbikes & a non existent biking culture. This appealing name GODS, was thought on one of the routine Sunday rides with just 2 members & from then onwards the group has gone from strength to strength in terms of quality superbiking, the main thrust being on the safety aspect.

The total strength of the group right now is 70 plus & counting & it's the obsession with the motorcycles which is the main driving force of all the like minded members, who are taking the group to the next level; weather it's the members profiles or the charitable/non charitable work done by the group, quality & not quantity has always been the bottom line & that's the reason the group comprises of highly educated people like pilots, doctors,MBA's, executives,bankers,property consultants, ex army men,businessmen to name a few ,with just a single common passion in life- superbikes & biking!

The group has the latest & the widest variety of superbikes which are kept like babies & further modified by the owners according to their tastes. The attention to detail has to be seen to be believed.

GODS have been doing a lot of events for so many years & they are all chronicled on their site- GODS.CO.IN. along with their achievements. the GODS facebook page was started around 10 months ago & it's aready a big hit with 45000 admirers which are growing every minute. Similarly the website has thousands of hits everyday from across the globe & the heart warming comments posted by the visitors are an inspiration for the group.

After all these years GODS have almost become a household name & it gives the group a big sense of satisfaction when the young riders get inspired by the group & their way of functioning & that's exactly what keeps the group going. Bikers will get respect only when they themselves give it first.

Any institution,society or a MNC who wants to avail the services of GODS can contact us on gods.co.in@gmail.com. The future of superbiking is very bright in this country & we at GODS will keep promoting this wonderful sport/passion with the help of like minded riders (who are welcome to join) & the blessings of the almighty. GODS R ONE!