WDW..........no ,it's not a variant of the lubricant WD40 but World Ducati Week ??& just like the India Bike week .....it's not a week ,just 3 days,three days of soul altering congregation & like every year this year also it will happen in Misano from 22 to 24 July & Ducatista from all over the world will get together on their drop dead gorgeous Ducs & will ingnite the passions of many ....bellissima ! On May 7 ,Ducati dealers across the world take out their own rides as a warm up to the WDW....warm up for sure as these lovely beauties increase the temp of the environment including peoples with their sensuality ?? @ducatidelhi ,the finest dealership of country raised the temp today of Delhi by many notches ...from 42 degrees to 50+...but no one complained ?? it was a sea of red with some black ducs thrown in ;the L twins & the V fours churning out some glorious notes ,notes which Arturo Toscanini would have been very proud of ..... ....Grammy winning symphonies actually??it was a bike lovers wet dream Ducati makes one of the most attractive motorcycles in the world & since many years now they have been on top of their game ...class leading performance & electronics ,no wonder they are doing so well in MotoGP & today the animal in me came out ....couldn't take my eyes off from such a lineup & wanted to sleep with all of them ,with Ducatis,it's always lust at first sight ?? huge thnx to @ducatidelhi for organising such a beautiful ride & for forging some very strong bonds between the riders & reminding us ...'why we ride' & for people who haven't sampled a Duc yet ...please do ,only then you will understand what addiction is all about even if it lands you in jail ?? after the ride all I could say was ...WDW...Wah Ducati Wah ! @groupofdelhisuperbikers Ducati India Ducati - North Star Automotive Sanjeev Oberoi Monty Singh Gurpreet Oberoi