...hows the Yosh ....I mean josh? high sir! Suzuki unleashed the GSXR 1000 in the year 2001 thereby dethroning the super sport king ,the Yamaha R1...no mean feat .it was lighter and faster than the R1 & soon enough it developed an army of fans across the world & till date it has a massive cult following I have my drool worthy 08 GSXR with a massive mid range & does some crazy top gear roll ons but then out of the blue she came along ...inviting me ,seducing me & I fell head over heels .. the Yoshimura GSXR limited edition.... 4 into 2 Yoshimura full system & a Yoshi race ecu! wheelies on demand! you can imagine how much power this 185 bhp (stock) monster would be churning out now !! welcome home Yosh ... hows the Yosh? very fast sir !?? URI ( U R Insane ) extremely surgical stike ! ??