Lord(s) of Enduro.... you can see a lord from a distance & today morning ,I saw not one ,but two lords ....the BMW 850 GSA & GS both these bikes look the part n yes ,they perform too...the GSA is a stunner just like it's elder sibling ,the 1250 but is manageable due to less weight & size & that makes it more fun according to me ,you don't feel scared & the power is more than adequate ...92 nm of torque propelling 240 kilos ....the adventure automatically begins ?? The GS too is a fun bike & the main difference between the two bikes is a bigger fuel tank on the GSA ,the other add ons are all exterior .BMW has worked on the pricing this time & these bikes are priced between 13-15lacs on road there was another bike standing silently in the corner & was new for 2022....the beautiful 900 XR & again, it reeked of adventure & to me it was more fun as it was lighter by 20 kilos than the GS twins & made more torque ....o man ,there were three lords of the enduro ...what a morning ! BMW has got it right this time ,the products were always good but this time ,the pricing is too go take your pick ,u can't go wrong but one thing is for sure ,it's gonna be GSA all the way .....Great Solid Adventure ?? Huge thnx to brother Manish Gupta & the entire team of Lutyens BMW Motorrad for inviting us for the unveiling & to ThrottleShrottle GFR for thrusting some yummy calories into us ?? Lords of Enduro ,u will make others obscuro??