.....east or west ,motorcycling is the best! n that's the reason we are off to the east this time...yessss,eastern Europe it is ! 15 days in one of best ,nope ,the best continent in the world Yamaha MT 07s & a Tenere 700 will be our best buddies on the trip ,taking us thru some of the most beautiful places on the planet & in the process ,we will be imbibing lots of history too from the majestic Sudetic & Carpathian mountains to the the Vienna opera house Austria ,we will be dancing to the Sound of Music in Salzburg & if we are lucky ,we might catch Mozart playing Don Giovanni at the Prague symphony,Chzeck?? & yes ,we will be having a spring in our step while walking alongside river Danube in Bratislava,Slovakia before heading for a rejuvinating spa in the spa capital of the world....Budapest,Hungary & oh ,catching the fastest internet in Europe... Bucharest ,Romania & then after crossing the Bukk mountains ,we will marvel at the 17 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Warsaw,Poland & finally ending our ride in the poignant & heart wrenching Austwitch "Gotta see the world on a motorcycle before I leave the world ", I have always said that & this time too ,I'm just following my heart & passion all the way with my like minded brothers Before life puts any bumps & obstacles in your way ,it's always better to have a headstart & jump over on your motorcycle & escape ,a la Steve McQueen ...our kind of great escape ?? the world is not enough ! GAIT....Gods Annual International Trip