why men behave like this is beyond us ,it's an absolute stunted & idiotic thinking .why do they supress women & take away their freedom ? why don't they treat them equally in every aspect of life ? right now what we are seeing in Iran is actually a global phenomena but yes ,in this part of the world ,it's extreme .women are getting killed for just asking for their rights ,their freedom is taken away the moment they are born & just 2 days ago it came in the paper that in Afghanistan women were not allowed in the gyms any longer over n above the existing curbs like no middle & high schools for girls ,no jobs in the majority of professions , & imagine ....no parks too ,can u believe that! Parks for god's sake!! how can you stop them from going to parks? this is the sickest mentality ever & sadly it prevails here in India too but thankfully things have changed in the past decade or so but we still have a long way to go ,women have freedom here no doubt but not like what men have All the laws for women are made by men in which women have no say & the laws always favour men ....they have full freedom to do anything ,no stopping them, then why this dictatorship on one gender ? we really can't fathom this one simple fact....these so called men or pseudos forget from where they came from ,who gave them birth & who took care of them for so many years? their mothers, who of course were women & then these scum go against the very same women ...they are not fit to be called animals as they are far more caring & faithful We all have to do something ,however small it might be ,the movement has started globally ,let's keep pushing for the momentum otherwise in some parts of the world women will always remain a part of the dark ages . Big thnx & kudos to Dr Maral Yazarloo , Amanda Brown & Seema Sharma Dora for taking the lead ....keep it up ladies ,we are right there behind you @groupofdelhisuperbikers pics by Deepak Bansal