Busaoed: Wikipedia....when u are "gheraoed" by the Busas,specially the new 3rd generation ones ?? This Sunday was extraordinary & remarkable as we were gheraoed by not 1 but 2 new Busas & we were not complaining as it was a first for us ...2 new deliveries one after the other The two proud & beaming owners ,Dr Gaurav Mathur & Siddharth Sethi ,were in fact made for the Busa ,both were more than 6 ft tall ,weighed more than 100kg(can't disclose the exact figure ) & could straddle any bike ever produced ;some matches are made in heaven & today we witnessed 2 such matches ; many in Suzuki Japan thought that the Busa still looked small in front of them & yes ,the whole of India also agreed with them but they couldn't deny the fact that it was an "ek duje ke liye" moment today.for Sid ,it will be his first busa & for Dr Gaurav, his 4th...a veteran ?? This 3rd gen Busa is the best busa yet ,very refined ,great torque ,fab electronics & lovely to look at but I wanted more from Suzuki ...after a gap of 12 years they came out with the same power & torque figures of gen2 ; why didn't they bump it up to 1400 with a 10% more power is beyond me ,i guess the only way to find out is to "gherao" Suzuki's head quarters in Hamamatsu Japan ?? Huge congrats to Gaurav & Sid for their awesome machines from the GODS family ....I'm off to Japan for some answers ?? Huge thnx to Super Suzuki for hosting us & big thnx to Bikers World too