..new year ,new beginnings ,new resolutions ....but an older you A new year ages u but it also nudges the child inside you to come out ,if u let it & that child pushes u towards some new boundaries & this year the hyperactive kid inside us is gonna ride n ride & ride ...so what's new in that u might ask ?been doing that since ages .in 2023 we are gonna explore the world on 2 wheels ....very quickly ,this project...international Rides...started almost 10 years ago with the mission of exploring one new country every year & touchwood ,in the previous year ,did two ...Kyrgyzstan & Eastern Europe with my riding brothers despite Mr.Corona trying to sabotage it ?? So guys ,release that kid inside if u still haven't, time just flies & so does life & work never finishes , u finish ....go ,get up ,dust your riding gears,put in the earbuds,play Let's go crazy by Prince(recommended),jump in the saddle & wring the throttle ...the destination will automatically find you ?? Have a great 2023