I have never redlined my bikes ,love them too much but yes ,have not ridden the company bikes below the redline(on the track) ?? & when I entered Redline Store ,Naraina ,I was gobsmacked ,I knew my bro Gurvindersingh Matharu was constructing it but never imagined it would be that huuuuge...simply wow !! What a place ! It had everything ,gears ,helmets ,service bays ,offices ,training room ,all that was missing was the race track ?? Gurvinder & me ,we go back a long way ,1998 to be precise ,when he had the Honda CBR 400 RR & me the Ninja GPX 600R & we used to ride like crazy ,day or night,rain or sunshine ,intra & intercity ,mountains & straights ,cant forget our 1st ride to Ladakh in 98 when no one including us knew where it was ??what fun we had & we still reminisce those days ,our amazing journeys & what all we learnt from those bikes which were very powerful & without any electronics ,great teachers & now I feel so proud of him & his family for what they have achieved on & off the racing track ,father & son,@SimranKing, team have got home many race winner trophies & stood on the same podiums many times & how they have been an inspiration to many & now this ...the Redline megastore, one of the finest I had ever seen ,having space is a big advantage & this store had that in abundance plus it's prime location ,the new hub for superbikes ....Naraina .I can guarantee, the moment u enter this store ,your brain & heart will redline in unison ?? Huge congrats to Indias racing family from the G.O.D.S family Redline is very fine ??