...the X /ex If you are an avid biker & explorer like Indiana Jones but much wilder & naughtier & you have always craved for deserts ,X rated mainly & you are a wanna be Dakari,then what do u do? which bike do u pick which satiates your desires? Ducati might have the answer for you ....the Desert X ,to take care of all your X rated needs ?? The looks for one ,will definitely excite u ,the 2 headlights will seduce u & u will go back in the 80s panting for more & then the simplistic body work ....a very hot plain Jane ,u will want her more as your mind will have the images of the sexy Lucky Strike bikes of yore eg Cagiva Elefant North Star Automotive Ducati gave me the bike today ,they were sick of my lusty intentions In the showroom ; couldn't take the bike in the Desert or off road but yes ,went in the Urban Desert which was full of pot holes & *ssholes of various dia & this bike brushed them off with aplomb ,the suspension was good ,a bit on the harsher side but I guess on the off roads ,it would be ideal seating & standing ergonomics were almost spot on but anyone whos more than 5.10 ,will need raisers or a handlbar adjustment & the cockpit gave a very Dakarish feeling ,which was a good thing ??also ,its a tall bike ,so if your are not 5.11 or 6 feet tall ,then u wont be able to plant both your feet comfortably on the tarmac. The power plant is the trusted 937 mill with very decent power ,92nm torque gets u to 140kmph in a blink of an eye & then the blinking doesn't stop as the bike keeps on gaining speed ??,it's a fast bike .it handled,leaned & braked very well on its 21/18 rim combo the only grouse...the quick shifter was not that smooth like for example ,on the Monster To sum it up ,it's a great adv bike ,light ,not bulky ,manageable & fast with good electronics but with some irritants like a tall seat height & a slightly hard quick shifter ...& now the moot question...is it worth 20 lacs on road ?Ducatis as we all know are more expensive than the other manufacturers & its true with this bike also ,so if money is not an issue ,then this bike will be your X factor in life ,otherwise u can keep dreaming about your ex who deserted u ??