....Kat & Katana Suzuki turned the world upside down in 1981 when they introduced the Katana 1100 & today they did the same to me & some fellow riders;i could go on & on about the engine & handling but right now i feel as if ,i am the the No.1 swordsman in the world . Katana means sword in Japanese & this sword cut thru every conventional design & engineering books in 1981,the styling was very futuristic & not to everyone's liking but the majority were floored ,including me.it had the robust 1100cc engine & the bike was fast & comfortable but the design was simply outta this world cut to present ,I feel this time the Suzuki designers got their brains turned upside down ,maybe distracted by our own Kat (Ms Kaif) as nothing else could explain what a horrendous looking machine they had created ,in fact the original katana design team would be churning in their graves or contemplating suicide if alive ,it's that ugly but kudos to the engineering team for not getting distracted. I had the opportunity to ride it for almost 200 kms & I must say ,never ever i have gone mad riding a bike ,maybe once or twice but man ,this bike was something ,that engine coupled with perfect fuelling & the finest quick shifter made it lethal .the Gixxer 1000 engine was a maniac & maneuvering it was child's play ,it was sooo light & nimble but the moment I used to glance down ,I felt like jumping off the running bike ,the gap between the tank & the handlebar & the dash was stupid to the core & i got the same feeling when I looked at its rear ,it ended abruptly with the rear tyre & hugger/number plate going way beyond ....atrocious ...why in gods name they gave the designing to the nearby kindergarten school ,is beyond me & I'm sure our Kat (Ms Kaif) would have easily wriggled thru those front gaps singing "Sheela ki jawani,designing Kar Di tumne paani" I rarely go bonkers over a bike ,having gone thru many in so many years of riding ,but today this Katana yanked me out of my senses ,it was what a motorcycle should be ....fun fun fun So what's the bottom line ? If you are ready to overlook the styling,then it is one of the most potent,most comfortable & enjoyable bikes in the world ,with all the electronics thrown in ,but if you can't ignore this one aspect , then u are better off having the real Katana sword by Yoshindo,as for me ,after getting struck by this Katana today ,I will totally forget about Kat (Ms Kaif),as Suzuki has now lowered the pricing & its now 13.5 lacs on road as compared to 15.6 earlier .Mr Kaushal ,u can keep your Kat ,we got ours kudos Suzuki for giving the world a masterpiece but please fire your design team & huge thnx to Nuclear motors Delhi (super machines) for giving us a dose of rdx today