....the khet & taal Mountains are bewitching & for bikers specially ,they behave like magnets & the connect between the two I feel , has been there since the advent of motorcycles & for us ,the Group of Delhi Superbikers, it's always cathartic ,so this time we rode to two magical places ,Ranikhet & Nainital .Ranikhet turned to be a bigger version of Lansdowne ,a beautiful cantonment, calm ,serene & totally non commercial & we felt rejuvenated after the long mountain walks & it was such a relief not having the vehicles coming on to you with horns blazing Nainital on the other hand was exactly the opposite ,vehicles crawling everywhere but then ,bikers stop for no one & carve their own way?? the lake & the ambient temperature was just right ,the property ,Sherwani,outstanding & it turned out to be a perfect weekend ...from khet to the taal ,it was a lovely haul??