...how to achieve nirvana? by doing Motorama! ..the idea to have a motoring fest for north India started around 2 months ago.we all keep going here & there all over the country for such gatherings so it was very apt to have something similar, something better up here & with this agenda our 3 musketeers, Deepak Gupta aka mountainman ,Sourav Priyadarshi & his team Throttle Shrottle & Rajat Uppal got the ball rolling .it was an uphill task given the paucity of time ,just 40 days for this mammoth project but they were not deterred by anything ,be it the licensing ,permissions ,infrastructure ,they ploughed on as if their life depended on it .they worked 24/7 barely sleeping & eating ,it was mind over body & finally on the 18th March the world witnessed a phenomena .I can't describe what I felt when I entered the venue with my riding brothers ....out of a scale from 1 to 10 ,it was 9 & this was their first attempt ! 19th March turned out to even better ! The organization & execution was perfect ,the stage, the lawns ,the lighting ,the vendor area ,food area ,so very well managed ,every minutest detail was taken care of & the massive turn out was so perfectly managed & the smile on the faces said it all ....everyone had achieved nirvana at Motorama ! Kudos to my brothers for giving us a fabulous motoring event & putting Delhi /NCR/ north India on the automotive map & we now can't wait for version 2.0. Like naatu naatu ,the Motorama fever was everywhere .... from Obama to Dalai Lama ,from Suzana to Svetlana & from Bahama to Yokohama ,people went bonkers over Motorama