...muscle tussle Muscles are tough to build but once u have them,you become invincible,almost .the same is true for muscle bikes ,more the muscle, more the bragging rights Yamaha started the muscle wars way back in the year 1985 with their potent V Max aka Mr Max ,this v4 brute destroyed everything in a straight line & it still does with it gut churning 153 Nm of torque .in 2007 Suzuki opened the doors of their gym & unleashed the B King , a naked Hayabusa which looked like a wrestler on steroids .it's 146 Nm of torque was good enough to smoke anything on wheels. Ducati jumped in with their Diavel 1260 & yes ,it's 129 Nm was scary enough ,though they have come out with the V4 but the torque hasn't increased & finally ,John Bloors boys at Triumph went nuclear with the Rocket 3 ,2500cc & 220 Nm of torque ....#?cking hell! that's a locomotive ! We love torque & all these bikes have it in abundance ,in a straight line no one can come close to them,their acceleration is brutal & u are the fastest from point A to B,they have major muscle in low & mid rpm & they yank your arms like no other & oh ,your eyeballs too need a resetting after a spin GODS luckily has all the above mentioned torque generators & today was a muscle Sunday ,unfortunately the Vmax was absent coz the owner got his other bike ...the Rocket 3??