...we get the Desert X ....& our X rated fantasizes get fulfilled. This is one hot motorcycle, it's simplicity is a real turn on but yes it looks menacing too,only one company on the planet could have produced this moto erotica...Ducati ! we love the overall presence of this bike ,harks back to the Cagiva Elefant of yore,which is a very good thing ,those twin round headlights are brilliant in every way & it just somehow invites you hop on take on the world .no doubt it's a tall bike but that every adv bike is by default ,but once you get used to it ,the 92 Nm torque & the fabulous suspension makes you a Dakar rider in a jiffy & u start dreaming of podium finishes Huge congrats to our man Pankaj Malik ,whos a true-blue Ducatista ,for adding another gem in his Italian stable.its tough for him to sleep these days coz of the orgasmic convulsions caused by the Desert X & we are sure ,Ducati added X for the same reason ??