...a "tall" order Dr Gaurav Mathur is a big man ,almost touching 7 feet in height & when we are around him ,it's a typical Lilliput scene & that's the reason it's an uphill task finding vehicles for him ,specially motorcycles .he loves motorcycles, no doubt about that but which one would fit him?that's a million dollar question. Since the very beginning he didn't have much choice in picking up bikes ,it was either the Hayabusa or the Ninja ZX 14R,though they also looked small in front of him but they were the only options from the 2 wheeler industry. I personally felt, the Triumph Rocket 3 looked perfect on him & fortunately their combo rocked the roads for many years but when he let it go ,he was back to square one .he tried his hand at the Versys 1000 but the marriage didnt last long & then one day ,he reluctantly picked up the new Busa again, (a 4th one in his past history) last year & life became smooth but then the adv bug bit him & his dilemma made a comeback but luckily it was resolved quickly thnx to an explorer ....the Triumph Explorer 1200,it was a bike which looked appropriate on him & vice versa sometimes from a distance when he's riding ,it's tough to spot the bike but when u are that tall ,everything else looks small :) the 2nd new bike in the group was also a Triumph , the Tiger 660. huge congrats to Shahbaz Khan & Gaurav Mathur for their lovely machines. Triumph-ant all the way !