..got zapped by 440 V ,volts, I mean X,the Harley 440X & yes it got me all wired up The Indian market is now the playing ground for the sub 500cc segment & many players are jumping into the fray & today I got to ride Harleys contender ,the 440X in the real world... real roads ,potholes,mud,slush & water included ?? I have always said ,don't go by the bhp ,go by the torque & this 190 kilo baby's 38 Nm is good enough to make u smile in almost every situation ,the acceleration is brisk & linear & 100 comes up very comfortably & yeah ,the bikes very comfortable too.nice plush seat , perfect ergonomics & very manuoeverable & boy ,that glorious sound from the exhaust ,very Harleyesque?? It maxed out at 130kmph but the bikes sweet spot is between 100 & 120(2-4000rpm) & u can comfortably cruise at these speeds all day long without the engine getting stressed & the bike remained planted on the wet roads & slush , it was fun going over the potholes & broken tarmac ...yup ,it can easily go to Ladakh, Spiti,Sach pass,etc etc?? So any flaws ? Not really ,it would be nitpicking but minimal handlebar vibes come in after 100kmph ,not bothersome at all & the switch gear plastic could have been better .also ,I was reading somewhere about the huge gap between the rear tyre & fender but when u see it in person ,it's absolutely fine & the moment a pillion sits ,it makes sense ?? The Hero Harley collab has done a great job ,they have given us a very versatile motorcycle with all the latest basic electronics , a sturdy engine & chassis with great brakes & the base version ,believe me ,the mustard- brown color combo with spoke wheels ,looks fabulous, costs around 2.7 lacs on road ...the icing on the cake ! The sub 500 cc is gonna be a game changer for many big companies here in India & when Harley came to India in 2010 ,I could have never imagined this would happen after 13 years but yes ,it's great feeling & I'm so very pleased ;more & more people will now take to motorcycling with such affordable ,performance oriented , "do it all" kinda motorcycles...3 cheers to that & today I felt like a Hero on a Harley ?? Huge thnx to my amazing brother Vijay Thomas Capital Harley, Delhi for the amazing experience