...a Triple treat Anurag Kapur is a connoisseur of all good things in life & his forte is engines ,wether they are under the hood or hung as a stressed member ,he loves them all.he has many delectable cars & bikes in his garage ,but he always missed a naked ...I mean a naked motorcycle, the engine exposed for him to ogle & fantasize ,he was always yearning for one ,the right one & then he heard the whine of an inline Triple & boy, he went into ecstasy with his hair on end & lo behold ,today he picked up the manic Triumph Speed Triple RS... 1200 cc of pure madness ! When he took off his helmet ,the hair on his head were almost gone .wow we exclaimed ,a new look bro for Dangal 2 ?no no guys he said ,the 125Nm torque of RS had done that ?? Now that's what we call a Triple treat ....speed which shaves off kms in the blink of an eye & some hair too!! (no need for Gillette Triple) Huge congrats bro for the nastiest naked in the world ! Speed Triple RS ...Really Scary !....& non hairy :)