The Euro- Middle East Odyssey ....some people are very lucky ,they have all the time in the world to pursue their hobbies or passions but the majority lack the zing ,the fervor & there are a few who have everything in abundance,.our beloved Mountain Man aka Deepak Gupta is one of them ,he has that unbridled energy of a teenager to ride across the world ,he has the tenacity & perseverance to spend days on motorcycles & at the embassies getting the visas to the most dangerous countries in the world & he doesn't give up despite facing innumerable obstacles .in 2018 he did Arctic to Antartica ,spending 6 months on the road & now he's off to some amazing places on the planet ........,riding his KTM Adv 390 & spending approximately 5 months on the road ,Foofaji as he's popularly known,will impart some foofaisms in this part of the world & yes ,we all will miss him here ,but hats off to this man for his indefatigable spirit which I'm sure is inspiring to many .all the very best from the GODS family brother,keep taking motorcyling to the next level alongwith our country ...let's go Foofing !!