..the revival of racing The MotoGP Bharat gave goosebumps to almost everyone, non bikers included ,the pace, the skill & above all ,the execution of this global event was nothing short of spectacular..we did it !! Motorcycle racing started way back in 1907 with the first IOM TT & since then ,it's trajectory has gone up at a 90 degree angle with MotoGP coming in officially in 2002; the world went bonkers seeing racers clad in their leathers defying the laws of physics & gravity & putting their lives at risk & yes ,many riders lost their lives & still do but there was no stopping these bravehearts & their extreme passion for racing; India ,surprisingly was not that far behind when it came to local racing ,from 1960s to the mid 90s ,the racing circuit was very much active in southern India,Tamil Nadu, namely Sholavaram track (an old airfield) & Sriperumbudur where ,believe it or not ,50 laps were done in the Indian Gran Prix & that also an open unlimited GP having Nortons ,Yamaha TZ's & Honda 750s mingling with the desi Enfield crusaders,Rajdoots,Jawa's & the 350 Bullets & Indias shining star from 1967 to 1994 was SC Bose aka Bullet Bose ,a legend who never came 2nd ,only 1st , & he won 15 Indian GP's,such was his dedication & passion for racing that people came from every corner of the country to see him & his superlative twin spark ,100mph Bullet which had some innovative mods ..from the 2000's, road racing continued down south but got diluted,the tracks were there but not that upto the mark & also some riders took to rallying though we still have the Madras International Track which hosts racing of both cars & bikes on a regular basis but on 24th September 2023, there was a revival of racing & how! We have been to some MotoGp's & can proudly say ,that ours was the same if not better & when we came out of the arena ,everyone was charged up & was ready to race ??when u witness the pinnacle of racing ,it's bound to happen & we are glad it did ; such events are always inspiring & motorcycling in general gets a big lift Huge huge thanks to everyone who made this grand spectacle a success ,the Govt obviously ,followed by the manufacturers ,mainly Ducati ,followed by Aprilia & KTM & every person who was in the stands cheering & rooting for these daredevils & their fabulous flying machines India ...it's time to RRR..race race & race??