...the return of BRA our man Pavan Suri aka Ambarsaria, soon to be Ambarbusaria, dons many hats ,he's a bike rider , a successful entrepreneur & a certified party animal & he holds many important portfolios like secretary UCLA ,Underground Clubs & Lounge Association, advisor CIA, Clubbing In America, so on & so forth but the most important position which is close to his heart & which he regained very recently is BRAP ..Breakfast Riders Association President .Pavan started his riding with the mighty busa many years ago & then in-between he picked up the BMW S1000 RR but the only issue was that he & some 5-6 riders never used to do long rides on Sundays & instead they used to turn up at the breakfast venue & ultimately it led to the formation of BRA..Breakfast Riders Association & pavan was chosen it's president unanimously. BRA did very well ,it expanded rapidly with many new riders joining in & then one day Pavan sold his bike & suddenly BRA became strap less ,I mean head less .a full year went by ,people waiting with bated breath for Pawan to make a comeback & today he did just that & with style ,on his new gun metal grey Hayabusa!! Huge congrats brother for this stunning beauty & its a pleasure to see you back in the BRA ??