Project Tiger Sariska national park is a lovely place ,I have some very nice memories of it when I went there in the mid 90s ,humans & machines very few & the animals abundant .it was fun getting up at 4 am ,in shivering cold ,for the jungle safari & majority of the times ,the tigers tricked us & we came back without a spotting ,cursing them for ruining our sleep but yeah ,it was fun Over the years the number of tigers dwindled & their spotting became akin to spotting a Haleys comet BUT from tomorrow that's gonna change as GODS are gonna do their bit in increasing the number of tigers by letting loose two of them ,the Triumph 1200 & 660 & one big cat ,the Katana in the jungle as a part of GODS Project Tiger; these are ferocious beasts as we all know & after our gesture ,Sariska won't be the same again...only ligers & no tigers ?? GODS Roaring Ride