..itchiness in nose & throat ,dry cough & watery eyes ,we were going thru hell past couple of days & so were millions of Delhites all bcoz of the toxic air which had engulfed the entire city & like always ,the politicians were playing a 'toxic' game .the rain gods intervened & finally after many days we could see the sunlight & blue sky but I was not pinning my hopes on this temporary phenomena & today on Deepawali I decided to do something for a better & cleaner future ...we went green ; yes sir ,this 2nd gen green Ninja ZX 10R was the perfect weapon to cut out all the toxicity ,a negligible twist of the wrist & we were nudging the troposphere , our lungs sucking in fresh oxygen more rapidly than the ram ducts of the bike ,no more watery eyes as the eyeballs were out of their sockets as we kept turning our right wrist ,the throat not itchy but completely dry as the tacho hovered around the redline & with a big bang & whoosh, we touched warpspeed...we were cured !! Today was our best Deepawali Have a fabulous Deepawali guys from the GODS family but remember ,you gotta go green