...fours n more V4 engines are very addictive ,they are my fav actually ;the sound & the burble they make, just makes my ears & brain go mad & whenever I ride a v4 bike ,I imagine I'm taking part in a MotoGP & today on the Sunday ride,the Aprilia RSV4 ,took me to the podium ?? The RSV4 is one hulluva machine ,so compact ,lightweight & powerful, 117Nm of torque pushing just 181 kilos ! It's a pure no holds barred racer ,extreme ergonomics with very high footpegs & a brilliant torquey engine ,it's a featherweight boxer packing a punch of a heavy weight & yeah ,knock outs are a guarantee . You would buy this bike for the exhaust note alone ,it is that orgasmic in stock form & u won't need Viagra ever again & the same is true for it's looks ...a stunner ! & today morning, we saved a ton of Viagras??