...we get the RS I adored & still adore , the UJM bikes of yore, universal Japanese motorcycle(s), the do it all kind of bikes ,great for the city & very comfortable for the long trips too & yes , fast too. Almost all the manufacturers have their version of ujms but nothing comes close to this lunatic ...the Triumph 765 RS & I'm sure Anil Kapoor would have said Universal Jhakaas Motorcycle in his own inimitable style?? & no doubt ,it's Jhakkas with a capital J This inline three makes incredible power & we witnessed that very recently at the Bharat MotoGP, the Moto 2 class ,which uses the very same engine .this bike is ferocious but so easy to handle & the top notch braking & suspension plays an important role in this ,the Brembo Stylema calipers can bring your kidneys from the sides & back to the front with just a slight squeeze of your one finger & the Showa/Ohlins suspension makes sure you don't feel your hemorrhoids or pilo nidal sinuses??,the whole set up is marvellous including it's 188 kilo wet weight & state of the art electronics, a bike which is always on an Atkins diet .such bikes make you smile every mile & actually, you don't need more than this ,it does everything so brilliantly & increases your confidence exponentially. Kudos Triumph for giving us this scalpel as now we will be cutting thru this polluted air very rapidly with a permanent smile plastered on our faces ,wish this scalpel was a bit cheaper ?? .the RS ...Really Spectacular!!