Social Responsibility

Our Common World

Everywhere we work, we seek to create new ways of living that maximize form, function and fortitude. Social responsibility is about how we build environmentally sustainable communities across our common world, how we leave the land, and how we give reason to smile.

Our Group

The sole purpose of the group is to promote biking in a very positive & a responsible way & to increase the awareness amongst the general public about biking as a way of life rather than a simple mode of transportation.GODS have always been the pioneers in every aspect of motorcycling but the main thrust has always been the safety angle & that's why since its inception , the group never rides without a proper riding gear,comprising mainly of a good quality helmet, a padded riding jacket & pants, gloves & riding boots.

The safety issue is very important because it takes a new meaning altogether in our country for obvious reasons. Group riding has been the core & since 1998 theres hardly been a Sunday when the group has not ridden together. Every Sunday a route is decided & the group just rides like a one big family enjoying the pleasures of superbiking amongst all the bonhomie & camaraderie.Once a year the group always goes out for an extreme biking trip & Leh/Ladakh has been an all time favourite destination, done 6 times in the last 10 years. Apart from this 2 small trips(3-5 days) are also undertaken every year.

New members are taken in after a proper scrutiny & the group sticks to its selection criteria which are- minimum age 25 years with some riding experience, a 600cc bike or above & a mature & a stable mind to control such ferocious machines.

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